Sample Question for English (Part 5)

Comprehension 1

Beyond using nostalgia as a blunt marketing technique, video games as a medium in particular appeal to players’ longing for the past.

Clay Routledge, a psychology professor at North Dakota State University who’s made a career out of studying nostalgia, has said gaming lends itself to the feeling more than other mediums because of its immersion factor—games have the potential to be more immediate and personal than other forms of entertainment.

Players aren’t remembering the time they watched a hero defeat a bad guy (as in a movie)—they’re remembering the time they beat the bad guy.

Jamie Madigan, who’s written extensively on the psychology of video games, points out that nostalgia tends to be at its strongest when people are reminiscing about socializing.

Gaming has always had a communal component to it, and it’s only more so now, with the rise of “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube. (The site’s most-subscribed channel for nearly two years has been PewDiePie, who’s known for his game walkthroughs and commentary.)

Last year, Amazon paid more than $1 billion to acquire Twitch, a company whose sole purpose is allowing people to watch other people play video games, as The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer wrote.



Q.1 why did Amazon pay $1billion?

A) to acquire Twitch

B) to guide Twitch

C) to sell Twitch

D) none follows

Ans: A

Q.2 what is this passage about?

A) effect of cooking

B) effect of dancing

C) effect of gaming

D) effect of sketching

Ans: C

Q.3 Which site is known for it’s commentary and game walkthroughs?

A) fewpielie

B) piediesigh

C) pewdiepie

D) A and C

Ans: C

Q.4. Give a word which means the same as blunt

A) immersion

B) taxation

C) straightforward

D) None

Ans C

Q.5.Arrange the following sentences in order.

I) Gaming has always had a communal component to it.

II) Jamie Madigan who wrote extensively on psychology of video games.

III) A psychology professor at North Dakota State university who has made a career in nostalgia.

IV)Players aren’t remembering the time they watched a hero defeat a bad guy as in a movie.

  1. II,I,IV,III
  2. I,II,III,IV
  3. IV,III,I,II
  4. III,IV,II,I

Ans: D

Q.6. Give antonym for the word nostalgic

A) unsentimental

B) Sentimental

C) unhappy

D) none

Ans: a

Q.7. Give synonym for the word reminiscence.

A) anecdote

B) memoirs

C) recollections

D) all of the above

Ans: d

Q.8. Give adjective form of defeat

A) defeated

B) defeating

C) defeatedness

D) none

Ans: A

Q.9. Give adjective form of psychology.

A) psyched

B) psychical

C) psycho

D) none

Ans: B

Q.10. Give homophone for the word soul from the passage

A) sole

B) soal

C) seal

D) none

Ans: A

Comprehension 2

In the second century of the Christian era, the empire of Rome was the most fair part of the earth, and the most civilized portion of mankind. The frontiers of that extensive monarchy were guarded by ancient renown and disciplined valour. The gentle but powerful influence of laws and manners had gradually cemented the union of the provinces. Their peaceful inhabitants enjoyed and abused the advantages of wealth and luxury. The image of a free constitution was preserved with decent reverence: the Roman senate appeared to possess the sovereign authority, and devolved on the emperors all the executive powers of government. During a happy period of more than fourscore years, the public administration was conducted by and depended on the virtue and abilities of Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, and the two Antonines.

The principal conquests of the Romans were achieved under the republic; and the emperors, for the most part, were satisfied with preserving those dominions which had been acquired by the policy of the senate, the active emulations of the consuls, and the martial enthusiasm of the people. The seven first centuries were filled with a rapid succession of triumphs; but it was reserved for Augustus to relinquish the ambitious design of subduing the whole earth, and to introduce a spirit of moderation into the public councils. Inclined to peace by his temper and situation, it was easy for him to discover that Rome, in her present exalted situation, had much less to hope than to fear from the chance of arms; and that, in the prosecution of remote wars, the undertaking became every day more difficult, the event more doubtful, and the possession more precarious, and less beneficial. The experience of Augustus added weight to these salutary reflections, and effectually convinced him that, by the prudent vigour of his counsels, it would be easy to secure every concession which the safety or the dignity of Rome might require from the most formidable barbarians. Instead of exposing his person and his legions to the arrows of the Parthians, he obtained, by an honourable treaty, the restitution of the standards and prisoners which had been taken in the defeat of Crassus. On the death of that emperor, his testament was publicly read in the senate. He bequeathed, as a valuable legacy to his successors, the advice of confining the empire within those limits which nature seemed to have placed as its permanent bulwarks and boundaries: on the west, the Atlantic Ocean; the Rhine and Danube on the north; the Euphrates on the east; and towards the south, the sandy deserts of Arabia and Africa.



Q.1. Arrange the following sentences from bottom to top.

A) he bequeathed As a valuable legacy to his successors.

B) The experience of Augustus added weight do these salutary reflection.

C) the seven first centuries were filled with rapid succession of triumphs.

D)Their peaceful inhabitants enjoyed and abuse the advantages of wealth and luxury.

i) A,B,C,D

ii) C,A,B,D

iii) B,D,A,C

Q.2. What is the antonym for ‘legion’?

A) unlimited

B) lavish

C) limited

D) none

Q.3. What is the synonym for ‘relinquish’?

A) renounce

B) announce

C) pence

D) B and C

Q.4. Find  word from the passage which means the same as senate

A) assembly

B) argument

C) fight

D) none

Q.5. What is the homophone of decent?

A) descent

B) dissent

C) disent

D) A and B

Q.6. Which of the following statement given below is not correct?

A) On the death of his emperor his testament was privately read in the senate.

B) The principle conquest of the Romans were achieved under the Republic India.

C) Instead of exposing his person and his legions To the arrows of the Parthians he obtained by honourable Treaty the restitution of standards and prisoners which had been taken in the defeat of Crassus.

D) A and B

Q.7. How is the passage?

A) Narrative

B) Descriptive

C) Interrogative

D) None

Q.8. Highlight the adverb form of the word luxury.

A) legions

B) luxurious

C) possessing

D) none

Q.9. The above passage is related to.

A) history

B) geography

C) law

D) physics

Q.10.Give noun form of the word relinquish?

A) relinquishment

B) relinquished

C) relinquishing

D) none

Answer key:

  1. (A)
  2. (C)
  3. (A)
  4. (A)
  5. (D)
  6. (D)
  7. (B)
  8. (B)
  9. (A)
  10. (A)

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